Epic Puzzle War Strategy Game
NFT 3Kingdoms (by short name NFT3K) is an innovative and first match 3 strategy game combined with gacha features to collect Heroes in Three Kingdoms! Summon heroes from the Chinese Three Kingdoms era, wisely utilizing their strategy skills, lead away on the real strategy battlefield in this chaotic time of the Han Dynasty to unite the kingdom. Start your legendary strategic conquest adventure by matching 3 or more items in the puzzle games area to play out the necessary skillful fight against the enemy. In the game, you can collect more than 100 heroes in total. Each hero has its own units and there are 5 classes of units in general. Infantry, Cavalry, Archery, Support, and Mage. There are so many dynamic features inside the games, 20 campaigns to beat, a PVP feature, and many more to come!
Last modified 8mo ago